Get Help Transitioning From High School

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Students with disabilities are entitled to special education services until age 21. Transition planning is a required component of a student's IEP once they're 14 years old, but many families find that it's necessary to supplement the resources offered by the school with a comprehensive plan that outlines meaningful next steps for a student. While some students may transition to college, it's a better option for other students to move in a different direction: there is no one-size-fits-all model to transitioning out of high school.

What post secondary transition options are available to students with special needs?

Some accommodations from high school may apply in a higher education setting, like extra time on tests or testing in a quiet room, but colleges will not modify curriculum. After graduating from high school, it may be best for some students to transition directly to a job. While it's no secret in the special needs community that comparatively fewer options exist for adults with developmental disabilities, planning far enough in advance can help. 

What else do parents need to consider?

The process of transferring accommodations and planning for the future is also complicated by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). Once a student reaches 18, their parents are no longer invited to meetings or included in conversations with the school. In order to continue to be a part of meetings, discussions and decisions, parents must seek guardianship over their 18-year-old. We offer guardianship services at a discount to families who purchase our transition planning package.

Transition Package

Our transition package outlines a blueprint to get students from Point A to Point Z. We also offer a discount for clients who bundle our transition package with legal guardianship.

The transition package includes:

  • Document Review of the student's IEP, Transition Plan and four additional documents
  • Interest and Strength Surveys selected from our database that are tailored specifically to your child and their abilities. 
  • Creation of Transition Plan that can be brought to the Child Study Team for consideration.